Wedding Budgetting Tips

Wedding Budgeting Tips - Getting the Most Out of Your Time & Budget
by Francesca from ByFrancescaXO.

Weddings can get expensive! With all the amazing decor, vendors and food options out there it's tough to decide where to cut. Here are a few ideas on where you can cut back a bit to see some great money and time savings without hurting the overall quality and look of your wedding day. Happy planning (and saving!).
- Decide on your Budget and stick to it.
- Decide your 3 Must HAVES.

- Choose a Venue with great bones - the less you have to decorate, the more money you save.

Guest Count
- Set your Guest Count and don't go over!


- Flower Budget needs to be realistic.
- Choose Flowers in Season.

Choosing Your Date
- Make sure when you choose a Month and Date for your wedding you know what's in season (ie. food, flowers, alcohol).
- Fridays, Sundays and Mid-Week are less expensive.

Bridal Party
- Bridal Party vs. No Bridal Party (cost savings if you just choose Maif of Honour and Best Man).

- The longer the ceremony and more details you add the more it will cost your budget.
- Choose a Later Ceremony to skip Cocktail Hour.

- For Cocktail hour ~ Choose Mocktails as studies show the most alcohol consumed is during cocktail hour.
- Serve Wines on the Table (1 white/1 red). Mixed Drinks and Shots cost more in the Bevies Budget.

- Do your pictures beforehand to save on guests waiting around and omit the cocktail hour.
- Make a list for your Photographer of MUST HAVE photo's to save time and waiting around.
- Let your guests know who is a part of what photo's and make sure they are waiting around to get those done ~ no need to chase them.
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