The Top Five Essentials You Need To Know About Working With Your Wedding Florist

The Top Five Essentials You Need To Know About Working With Your Wedding Florist by Nikki of The Dutch Girl Floral Co.

Flowers are one of the most (in my opinion, THE most!) important elements of your wedding decor.

They can completely change the entire feel of a space and also act as a very important accessory to your wedding dress, and photos. There are endless options when it comes to floral pieces available for your wedding day. From bouquets to large hanging floral installations and unique colour palettes to set the tone of the day, florals can help you tie together your wedding vision.

You may feel overwhelmed with coming up with your plan, so here is my tips for working with your florist to ensure you get the florals of your dreams and your big day is a smooth and enjoyable process from start to finish.

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1. How to choose a florist.

The most important thing is to find a florist whose portfolio and style fits your vision.

Taking your time to research vendors and find someone whose past work embodies the feel and look you are hoping to achieve is key. Instagram is a great resource where you can see a florist's past work and get a feel for their floral personality.

Next step would be to book a consultation to evaluate if your planning personalities meld. If you are laid back and want your florist to be able to take over or if you want to be in the thick of every decision, you need to make sure you are working with someone who gets you.

Ultimately you need to choose a florist you trust. It will take a lot of pressure off of your shoulders and also allows your florist to be their most creative, which is when they will put out their best work.

2. How important are flowers when it comes to the look of my wedding?

Flowers can be the highlight of your wedding decor.

Flowers can transform your wedding venue and give your guests a unique experience. They also warm up and soften a space which makes your photos that much more beautiful.

Your floral vision should match the overall theme and design of your space but that doesn't always mean you need a lot of florals. Often the right unique touches in strategic locations throughout the venue can make amazing photo backdrops and bring life to a space.

3. What are some of the most important pieces a couple should consider?

Bouquets are hands down number one on my list.

They will be in almost every photo, and give your bridesmaids something to do with their hands, when otherwise they may look and feel uncomfortable and awkward.

Incorporating florals throughout your ceremony and reception locations is a great way to tie together two separate spaces and give your event a cohesive look. Consider pieces that can be repurposed if you are moving from one location to another. For example larger floral arrangements on stands at the ceremony can be moved to the reception space entrances or your arch garland can become a head table runner. There are lots of terrific ideas for getting the most use out of your arrangements and stretching your budget.

4. How often should a couple be communicating with their florist during the planning process?

I usually have one initial meeting with my clients to provide them with a custom quote. Once we have decided to work together we'll go back and forth over email as much as needed until a month prior to the wedding. This is the time where changes can still be made that affect the florals such as guest count.

If more significant changes are made along the way, especially ones that affect design, I recommend one final meeting the month prior to the wedding date. At this final meeting we'll go over everything together so we all feel confidant about the final plan.

Bonus Tip: What are some trends for weddings to come, and what should be left in the past?

Of course everyone has their preferences and unique style, and truly anything goes these days.

I believe today’s couples are looking to really stand out and give their guests a unique and personal experience. They want to put their personal stamp on their wedding day more than ever and are examining alternative colour schemes and pieces they can use to help tell their story.

I personally love seasonally inspired, local and foraged blooms and foliage. I love when a piece looks as though it has grown naturally and like Mother Nature had her hand in creating it. Wild and full of movement is a theme I see sticking around, instead of the tight round bouquets of the past.

I also think couple’s are starting to rethink colour schemes, and using them as a way to really set their event apart. Dark and moody palettes with a pop of unexpected colour and texture are a big “Yes” in my books. Blush and white is always pretty but has been done and over done.

At the end of the day though it is truly YOUR day and should feel like an extension of you and your love.

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The Dutch Girl Floral Co. is a full-service boutique plant and flower shop with a specialty in wedding and events. The girl is Nikki Van Vugt, a Kawartha Lakes native with a love of everything that is wild and romantic, and that is exactly what you can expect from her designs. TDG reflects love stories with floral arrangements for couples who are looking for unique and earthy, but also timeless wedding flowers.

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