Top 5 Tips For Staying Organized on Your Wedding Day

Top 5 Tips For Staying Organized on Your Wedding Day

Top 5 Tips For Staying Organized on Your Wedding Day by Alfresco Wedding Planners

Create a dedicated wedding email  

Keep all your emails related to your wedding in one place.  You can create folders within your inbox to easily find important emails.  You can create folders for each of your vendors, helpful blogs, invoices etc.  Give all your wedding vendors, and the venue this email.  

2. Get a Wedding Binder or Folder 

It might be a digital world, but you’re still going to need a place to keep important documents like contracts, invoices and brochures, so they don’t get lost. Again, create tabs for things like wedding inspiration, to-do lists, service providers etc.  

3. Follow a 12-month checklist 

Don’t know where to get started on first? Use a Wedding Checklist to keep you on track, and break things down in small manageable chunks. 

4. Schedule Time for Wedding Planning

Set aside time on your calendar every week for wedding planning, just like you would a doctor appointment or a gym workout.  If you don’t block off the time, it’s likely it will get put off….and this will always be at the bottom of your to-do list.

5. Use Spreadsheets  

Spreadsheets are a fantastic tool to keep track of important information. You can use a spreadsheet for your budget, guest list with RSVP’s responses, menu selection, and thank you Cards.  

Enter formulas to automatically calculate your budget or add up your guest list.
Bonus Tip - Get help!   

Planning a wedding is a BIG job, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  This is where a professional Wedding Planner can come in handy. Wedding planners have the relationships and knowledge to help achieve your wedding day vision and minimize the stress.   Your wedding planner will put you at ease and guide you through what is possibly the most exciting, yet stressful time of your life.

"A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

By Liz from
Alfresco Wedding Planner
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Liz Josevski is a WPIC certified and award winning Wedding Planner, owner of Alfresco Wedding Planners & Head of Events at Millbrook Cathedral Event Space.