Top 5 Tips For Designing Your Ceremony Space

Top 5 Tips For Designing Your Ceremony Space

Top 5 Tips For Designing Your Ceremony Space by

1. Outdoor ceremony - plan ahead!

Having an outdoor ceremony can be a wonderful experience but there are some design factors to keep in mind.

The most practical thing to consider if you have your heart set on an outdoor ceremony always have a backup!

This is Ontario after all and the threat of rain, a cool summer or a sweltering summer are very real when it was supposed to be clear and comfortable. You might be making the decision to move your ceremony indoors at the last minute so try and think about whether the decor you chose for outside works in your indoor space.

Consider adding elements to your outdoor ceremony to make your guests more comfortable such as table with water bottles, bug spray and cute paper fans.

2. Arches & Arbours

Consider your overall theme and style when choosing a backdrop for your ceremony. If your taste is rustic, then a fantastic birch arch may be perfect. If you are going for a chic industrial vibe, you may want to consider a copper arch. Whatever you choose make sure that it is not overpowering the space and will be a backdrop to your moment, not the focal point. Consider as well whether the arch needs to be outdoors. If so, consult with your designer to ensure that it is sturdy and can be moved inside if needed.

Often the arch or arbour can double as a head table backdrop which can give you more bang for your decor buck!

3. Flowers

Working with a florist to design a plan for flowers or creating your own plan is essential. How many attendants will you have and do they all need a bouquet or lapel flower? What about moms and dads? Flower girls?

If you want to have a ceremony decked with flowers on the aisles, chairs, arch and stage - consider how long they will be used for. Most ceremonies are about a half hour in length so it’s a smart idea to plan to repurpose your ceremony flowers for the reception.

The simplest way to do that is to design everything in vases or forms so they can be easily moved onto tables after the ceremony. Your florist will be able to advise you on which flowers are the most resilient - ones that can last a move and look great the whole day.

4. Room Switch

If you are doing an indoor wedding, it’s common that the room where you are holding your ceremony will be switched over and become the reception room. If that’s the case you have to consider who will be removing the decor from the ceremony and setting up the decor for the reception. If you can repurpose elements of the ceremony decor to the reception this saves a lot of time and money.

The other thing to think about is where your guests will be during the room switch. If they are being sent to another room to hang out at the bar for an hour, you will have much more flexibility versus a tighter space where the coordinators have to work around the guests.
Bonus Tip - Colour Theme

There are no hard and fast rules about colour and don’t be afraid to use it! The last few years the trend has been towards muted rose golds and champagnes for ceremony decor, but don’t be afraid to use a splash of colour especially in your florals. Another great place to use colour is on your arch with your draping choices. Just be sure that your colour theme is consistent and doesn’t overpower your space.

Enjoy the process!

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