Top 5 Tips For Choosing an Officiant

Top 5 Tips For Choosing an Officiant

Top 5 Tips For Choosing an Officiant - by Tie The Knot Marriages
1. What kind of ceremony do you want?

Decide on what kind of ceremony you want. Do you want a customized ceremony? You are not a cookie cutter couple and your ceremony shouldn’t be generic. Can you write your own vows? Will they show you some ceremonies that they have created?

A ceremony should reflect the couple and not the officiant.
Ask if they will incorporate your cultural traditions, ask how they create their ceremonies. If they don’t ask for information such as you love story, interests, quirks, etc. how will they personalize the ceremony without your input?

2. Do you feel a connection with your officiant?

This is important because you need to feel comfortable asking questions. An officiant should be warm, and open to your questions, input and concerns. A good officiant understands that this is your wedding and you have to feel comfortable with the person you are working with. You also want that person to have similar views about the ceremony as you do. Do you want something serious and solemn, or are you more a of a fun loving couples that wants some humour throughout?

3. How soon should you book?

Start looking for your officiant sooner than later. Often the more popular or best reviewed officiants are booked a year or more in advance, especially
if the wedding date falls between May to October. The more time you have to meet and screen officiants, the better chance of finding the right officiant for you!

4. How do I know they will do a good job?

Read their reviews! In addition to learning about the types of service they perform you also need to look at their photos. Remember the officiant will be in your photos forever so you also want to know that they come prepared, put together and in colours that you approve.

5. What should I budget?
When considering an officiant, ask if their fees are all inclusive to avoid being charged extras such as travel, rehearsal and tax. The cheapest is not always the best. A good officiant will have several calls with you after booking, arrive early and spend hours creating a personalized ceremony. Don’t skimp on this very important part of your wedding day! You can expect a wide range of quotes from $350 - $850 with the average being around $400.

Bonus tip!

How do I know the officiant is licensed to perform your ceremony and solemnize a marriage in Ontario?
You can check on the Marriage Ontario website,

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Janine Plotkin is a registered officiant with The Province of Ontario. She owns Tie the Knot Marriages. She offers personalized ceremonies and offers all types of ceremonies.